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  • How to change Module File Permissions?

    To change module folders permissions you can use Filezilla.

    For this you need to connect to your FTP and open your store modules folder.

    At first we need to change module folders permissions.

    For example we need to change folder permissions for module simpleimportproduct.

    For this you need to click right mouse button on simpleimportproduct folder, and click on 'File permissions':

    Then setup 755 file permissions and select 'Apply to directories only':

    Then click OK, and wait until filezilla finish change file permissions.


    After changing module folders permissions, it also need to change permissions for module files.

    For this click right mouse button on module folder 'simpleimportproduct'.

    Setup permissions 644 and select 'Apply to files only':

    Click OK, and wait until filezilla finish change file permissions.

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